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As a local firm, specialising in family mediation services in Bromsgrove, Redditch and across the county towns of Worcester and Hereford, we offer you this free guide about the Family Mediation Council:

The Family Mediation Council (FMC) is an umbrella organisation which oversees family mediation services in the UK. It is made up of six autonomous members, The College of Mediators, The Law Society, The Family Mediators’ Association, National Family Mediation, Resolution and IDR Europe Ltd, who work together in one unified body.
As a unified body, the council represents and informs the views of its professional members and practitioners, promotes the practice of family mediation in the UK, and employs its status to make relevant representations to government and other national interests.

Aims of the Family Mediation Council 

The organisation aims to ensure best practice in family mediation across the UK, and to standardise professional practice; this ensures members of the public who access family mediation services can do so in the knowledge that they will receive mediation from qualified practitioners who meet the professional standards of the organisation.
The Family Mediation Council also aims to promote, develop and provide professional training, develop and promote research, whilst providing advice and information on all areas of family mediation.

Code of practice 

As part of the Family Mediation Council’s commitment to ensuring high standards of family mediation, it has developed a Code of Practice for all its registered members. This Code of Practice, was most recently updated in 2016, and can be found at www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk. The Family Mediation Council also provides guidance for online video mediation, which can also be accessed through their website.
All mediation practitioners registered with The Family Mediation Council are obliged to subscribe to this code of practice. The code details a set of aims and objectives for mediation, incorporating levels of expected professional conduct, qualifications and training that mediators must undertake; it also includes the scope and general principles of family mediation, covering issues such as neutrality, impartiality and the welfare of children.

Professional training 

The Family Mediation Council demands all its registered mediators have completed recognised foundation training courses in mediation which develop the professional skills and practice to reflect upon and enter into the level of critical analysis and issue awareness required of every professional mediator. Training courses are led by a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC), and all practitioners will have their own Supervisor.

Professional development and supervision

Whilst initial professional training is vital to administering effective family mediation, so is a continuing professional development which reinforces, further develops and continues to update mediation skills and practice. All practitioners registered with The Family Mediation Council undertake continuous professional development accredited by the organisation. Practitioners are also encouraged to undertake specialist training where it is felt this is required, for example if they are interested in developing a particular specialism within family mediation.

For more information about the Family Mediation Council, go to their website at www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk, or alternatively call on 0844 556 7215, or from a mobile 01920 443 834.

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