If you are currently in a civil dispute it can be stressful and challenging to reach an agreement that everyone is comfortable with. Our Civil Mediators are here to help you to explore all of the options that are available to help you finalise your dispute.

Our successful proven civil mediation service will de-escalate conflict and help all those involved to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe and positive environment. This will ensure you reach an agreement in as little time as possible.

90% of our clients reach an amicable resolution that everybody is comfortable with!

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients chose us

Effective communication

Effective communication

Mediation promotes good communication between parties through active listening, which ultimately de-escalates conflict.

Reduced uncertainty

Reduced uncertainty

Our mediators will support you in setting an agenda for the mediation session, so all issues are covered and agreed. This will eliminate any confusion and will help to build a clear agreement between all parties.

Speedy turnaround & conclusion

Speedy turnaround & conclusion

We provide some of the quickest turnaround times for your case and your resolution, helping you to continue with your life or the future of your business.

To start our process follow our three simple steps

Step 1

Schedule your free mediation consultation

Step 2

Discuss the issues for mediation with one of our mediators

Step 3

Be open, honest and show a willingness to mediate

I found Access Mediation Services’ mediators very helpful. They even accommodated my busy work schedule and only contacted me at times which were convenient.

– Sally R.

When you know you have been treated unfairly it is easy to get emotional, however the calm demeanour of the mediator positively influenced the atmosphere during the mediation.

– Rebecca S.

Included in our Civil Mediation Service


  • A memorandum of understanding at the end of mediation (where applicable)
  • A specialist trained mediator that will provide you with information
  • A FREE mediation preparation guide for all parties.

People often ask


‘‘Can my solicitor be present?’’

If your case is already in the hands of solicitors and legal proceedings have started, then it is almost certain that your solicitor will be involved in the mediation.

If you don’t already have a solicitor and you wish to have one present in the mediation then we would suggest that you seek legal advice. Just because you seek legal advice does not mean that you do or do not have to have your solicitor present at mediation.


‘‘Can I bring someone with me other than the solicitor to mediation?’’

In some cases parties may wish to bring someone for moral support such as a family member, advocate or someone who has expertise or knowledge in the area of your dispute. This is sometimes acceptable with the agreement of the mediator and all parties involved in the dispute.


‘‘Who pays for mediation?’’

The answer to this is dependent on the dispute and your current situation. Most parties split the fees 50 50, but in some cases one party may choose to pay most or all of the cost. This can be for a number of reasons. Including, but not limited to: speedy resolution, as a goodwill gesture, one party feels obligated too. This arrangement is to be decided by both parties. The mediator can support with this conversation.

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‘’What is civil mediation?’’

Civil mediation is the process where an impartial professionally trained mediator facilitates negotiation between those in dispute. It is an effective form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Our civil mediation is flexible, fast and a more cost effective way of reaching settlement than entering into court / legal proceedings. Civil mediation can be over in as little as half a day or could take multiple sessions depending on the complexity of the dispute. In most cases mediations are completed within one day.

This form of alternative dispute resolution has a high success rate.

Civil mediation allows for all those in dispute to be in the same room at the same time with a mediator that will ensure all parties have their say. This is to ensure the process is fair to all.

We cover many topics within civil mediation including:


  • Neighbourhood/community disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Personal injury and clinical negligence
  • Access & Discrimination
  • Human rights
  • Equality & diversity disputes
  • Charity disputes
  • Guardianship disputes


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