Rising conflict and stress in the workplace can not only disrupt those involved, but also their co-workers, team and the whole organisation. Our workplace mediation is a positive opportunity for people to resolve practical problems, interpersonal issues and to restore and maintain the employment relationship. Our proven and thorough mediation process ensures that the tension and negativity are tackled and resolved so that business can resume.

The great thing about our workplace mediation service is that it can be used with or as an alternative to more formal procedures. These procedures are disciplinary, grievance disputes procedures and court proceedings

Our mediators are approachable, so if you have any questions about the process of our workplace mediation service, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation.


Effective discussion

Effective discussion

Workplace Mediation enables everyone in the workplace to have effective discussions to resolve the dispute, repair broken relationships and create a healthy working environment for the whole team.

No stone unturned

No stone unturned

Parties can explore all options that they feel has furthered the dispute. This ensures that they have control of the solution, that all issues and options are discussed, empowering parties to produce sustainable solutions.

Fast response & resolution

Fast response & resolution

We provide one of the fastest response and turnaround times in mediation. Our mediators will work with all parties involved to agree a suitable outcome.

Included in our workplace mediation is:


Memorandum of Understanding which summarises your main agreement points

A free mediation preparation guide before the joint session

Our team of mediators and administrators who are committed to providing you with the best service.


Next steps

 Step 1

Book your free consultation and discuss your issues with one of our mediators

 Step 2

Be honest and open with the mediator about how you feel

 Step 3

The mediator will arrange your individual sessions and your joint session to start the process of resolving your dispute

Comments and feedback on our workplace mediation service…

I would highly recommend using Access Mediation Services for mediation, as they bend over backwards to remain impartial, but get the best outcome.

– Boots.

Questions we are asked by clients


‘‘What is workplace mediation?’’

Workplace mediation is the process when a mediator facilitates a discussion between individuals to find a mutual resolution. Our mediators are professionally trained, independent and impartial. The process is voluntary, giving all parties the freedom to terminate. We encourage all parties to attend our mediation service in good faith. All parties must show a willingness to be honest and open around issues that are currently being experienced in the workplace. We take away the me versus you attitude. We encourage collaboration in order to find an agreement that is mutually acceptable for all parties.


‘‘When should workplace mediation be used?’’

Workplace mediation normally takes place when informal discussions have failed to come up with a solution.

Our workplace mediators will identify when it is or is not suitable to mediate and are experienced in working alongside and engaging reluctant parties.


‘‘Does disability mediation bias the process towards the person with a disability?’’

This question is often asked especially by individuals who don’t have a disability. They perhaps feel that this process is biased towards the person with a disability. Usually this is due to the mediator having expertise in disability. It is quite the opposite, having a specialism in disability ensures the process is fair for all. The mediator is able to ask specific questions to all parties concerned surrounding disability. A mediator with no experience in disability would be unable to ask these questions. The mediator remains impartial at all times throughout the mediation.


‘‘What expertise do disability mediators have?’’

Our disability mediators have backgrounds in disability delivering disability awareness courses throughout the UK. All of our mediators regularly attend training, seminars and workshops to ensure they are up to date with best practice surrounding disability. In addition to this, our mediators have attended training to the highest level of mediation as well as being assigned to regulatory bodies within the field of mediation.

Mediators that specialise in disability can ask more accurate questions and get to the bottom of problems much quicker than those who are not trained in this field. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that we focus on the solutions that are available. Ultimately this will reduce the levels of stress, anxiety and frustration attached to conflict.

All of our mediators have completed relevant in-depth foundation mediation training, have on-going CPD and supervision.

All of our mediators are members of the College of Mediators.


‘‘Where does workplace mediation take place?’’

Usually the employer/workplace would provide a room for the mediation to make it easier for parties to attend and also to reduce the costs. In the instance where this isn’t available or all parties involved feel it would be best for the mediation to take place in an external venue then the workplace would also pay for this. Where the mediation will take place must be agreed by the employee/colleague, the workplace and the mediator.

In all instances accessible venues should be sought first to ensure everybody has access to the building regardless of whether they have notified you of a disability or not.

In all instances accessible venues should be sought first to ensure everybody has access to the building regardless of whether they have notified you of a disability or not.

We can help with the following workplace disputes:


  • Allegations of inappropriate behaviour including bullying, harassment, and discrimination
  • Disputes stemming from absence, disciplinaries, and return to work
  • Disputes between leaders, decision makers and managers, at all levels
  • Conflicts arising with or between customers, business to business or suppliers
  • Conflicts arising from claims of unfair dismissal, redundancy pay and breach of contract
  • Failure to make reasonable adjustments in relation to disability
  • Disputes between employees and within teams
  • Disputes arising from change
  • Disputes around equal pay, pay and grading TUPE etc


If you do not see your issue stated above, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our mediators. Rest assured, all of our mediators are extremely experienced and so they have dealt with most issues in their mediation profession.


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