Access Mediation Services Bristol is a member of the Ministry of Justice’s Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, giving parties access to a funded mediation session. This is a time limited offer and is only available when the mediation is in relation to child arrangements.

Only Family Mediators who are accredited by the Family Mediation Council can take part in the scheme.

To find out more information and if you are eligible please book a FREE CONSULTATION.


Access Mediation Services’ Bristol Family Mediators


Are here to help you reach an agreement with your ex-partner! Access Mediation Services Bristol have helped many couples through separation and divorce including their families.

Parties who use our services can typically reach an agreement within 1-3 sessions, so why wait? Call now and book a free consultation today!

We can help you work through the difficulties of separation. All too often, couples find themselves in conflict over what happens to their property, financial assets and other items. As a result, we make ourselves available to provide support and guide the parties to reach an amicable agreement. At Access Mediation Services Bristol we recognise that there are many sensitive issues that need to be openly discussed during mediation. We will provide a mediator who is skilled in managing such conversations and will facilitate a constructive conversation where two people can come together. We’re a Bristol family mediation service with experience in dealing with all types of family disputes. We have accredited professionals who understand how difficult a divorce or separation can be on the children and all parties involved.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

We have a team of family mediators who have gone through extensive training and have years of experience resolving disputes – plus, they keep up with the latest legislation and law changes.

Efficient & Quality

Efficient & Quality

Our mediators and staff ensure that the service provided is high quality and time efficient. We understand that parties are often going through a difficult time in their lives and may also have time constraints to take into consideration.

Agreements that work for everybody

Agreements that work for everybody

Our Bristol Family Mediators will enable all parties to have a progressive conversation about key issues that matter to you both. We provide the final agreement in a document which takes into account everybody’s needs.

What is included in the family mediation service in Bristol?


A mediation preparation guide providing helpful tips to ensure mediation is successful

Session summaries which are provided after mediations where applicable

Case relevant information from a trained family mediator


Starting the mediation process in Bristol

Step 1

Arrange your free consultation

Step 2

Schedule a MIAM

Step 3

The mediator will either invite the other party or provide a MIAM Certificate

I would highly recommend Access Mediation Services…myself and my ex-partner now have suitable arrangements in place for my daughter thanks to mediation with Ryan!! Couldn’t be happier!

– Zena R.

I found the service really professional and fair. I was really impressed with the really very objective way the mediator conducted himself and the relevant advice given. I can highly recommend this service.

– Phillip P.

We recently used AMS and they were brilliant. The mediator always made everything clear and easy to understand. They worked hard to fit in with our schedule and when half way through we needed the documents drafted quicker than expected they really stepped up and got it all completed in record time. I cant thank you enough for your professional, friendly and efficient service, at such a difficult and stressful time.

– Emma D.

Other locations where we have family mediation centres

Not only do we provide family mediation in Bristol but also in other areas of the South West: :


Gloucester Family Mediation Services

Cheltenham Family Mediation Services


We also provide family mediation via the telephone and online so if you are in a location which is not named above please call us as we will do our best to accommodate you.


How to find our Bristol family mediation service


Please note you will not be able to enter the office unless you have an appointment.

Bristol Family Mediation Centre Address: We rent office space from Turnberrie’s Community Centre to see clients locally. The centre’s address is Bath Road, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 2BB. If you need to contact us regarding your meeting appointment or any other related issue, our telephone number is 0117 452 8916.

By Train: Access Mediation Services is approximately 7 miles from Pilning Train Station. 

Parking: Turnberrie’s is located right next to Rock Street car park where there is free long stay parking available.


Same-day MIAMs available


Our same day MIAMs are there for parties who have urgent issues, commitments including work and family or for the issue of an urgent MIAM Certificate.

Please call us on 0117 452 8916 to find out our available next day MIAM slots. There are only a limited number of spaces which are filled quickly. 

Frequently asked questions


I only require a C100 MIAM Certificate/ Form A MIAM Certificate, do I still need to attend mediation?

Unless there is an exemption applicable to your case, then yes you would need to attend at least the first stage of the mediation process, the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. After this meeting you can decide whether you want to proceed and invite party 2, stop the process or request a MIAM Certificate. Whatever the outcome you will still need to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting to be eligible for your MIAM Certificate. To book your MIAM please click here.


Do I get a written outcome of the mediation?

If you reach the end of the mediation process then yes you would have the option of the final paperwork. There is a charge for this but your mediator would go through these during your Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. Rest assured we have no hidden fees. If you have multiple sessions we also provide free factual mediation summaries. These are different to the end agreements as they are only the mediator’s record of the session and not the full agreement.


I have received a mediation invitation. If I refuse mediation will it go against me in court?

If you have shown a willingness to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting then no. The court may ask you why you didn’t proceed into joint mediation sessions. However, if you do not at minimum attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting without good reason then in this instance it could look unfavourable of you in court. The courts may also refer you back to mediation if they don’t see a reason why you couldn’t proceed.

There is an expectation from the court that parties must attend a mediation information assessment meeting before making an application to the court.


There was domestic abuse in my relationship, would mediation still be suitable?

Most mediation companies would say no that mediation wouldn’t be suitable where any element of domestic abuse has been present. However, here at Access Mediation Services Bristol, we believe that victims of domestic abuse should be able to access family mediation like everyone else. Our mediators are fully trained and experienced in domestic abuse cases and will discuss the specifics of your case in your mediation information assessment meeting. In this meeting the mediator will evaluate whether they think it is safe for mediation to proceed.

We do also have other options where there has been/is domestic abuse for example shuttle mediation so parties do not have to be in the same room/video call/telephone call as each other.

To discuss this further with an experienced family mediator please book a free no obligation consultation.

The Family Mediation Process

The first step of our Family Mediation Service in Bristol is for you to book a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. This meeting is a court requirement and enables you solely to speak with the mediator about issues for mediation. The mediator will also assess whether they think your case is suitable for mediation.

Once the mediator and yourself are happy to proceed the mediator will invite the other party to the mediation process.

Once they have engaged with the service and have had their own mediation information assessment meeting, the mediator will then arrange a mediation session where, unless otherwise agreed, all parties would be in the same telephone call, meeting, video call. During the mediation the family mediator will facilitate the discussion between parties, they also keep parities focused on the relevant topics that they want to discuss and ensure that all parties have an equal say.

When parties have reached an agreement the mediator will write them into a parenting plan for child arrangement issues or a memorandum of understanding for financial arrangements.

To find out more about our Bristol family mediation service please call us on 0117 452 8916.