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Why Choose Us?

It can be hard to find the right company to deliver the best service for you. We understand this, which is why we have selected some of the best mediators in the industry.

Established in 2016, Access Mediation Services is a group of professionals that enhance communication through mediation.

Our award-winning mediators have delivered their expertise to families, businesses and communities for several generations prior to coming together under the banner of Access Mediation Services.

Benefits of choosing us

  1. We have over a 90% satisfaction rate across all of our services
  2. Our specialists are highly skilled, experienced and independent
  3. Our dedicated experts will guide you smoothly through every part of the process

If  you need a mediator to support you in coming to an agreement, Access Mediation Services can support you.

Our dedicated team of experts are here to provide you with a supportive environment in an unbiased and non-judgmental way.

Our Values:

  • To ensure we utilise our full range of skills to maximise the impact for you
  • To provide our services to you in a sensitive, timely and ethical manner
  • That we have a realistic approach ensuring that you have achievable outcomes
  • To ensure that we have an honest and transparent relationship with you.

No matter where you are in the country, we have specialists waiting to help and support you.

Access Mediation Services Team

Image Ryan Compton Director

Ryan Compton 


Ryan is the Director of Access Mediation Services, providing family, civil & commercial, disability and workplace mediation.

He is a Family Mediation Council-regulated Family Mediator, accredited to undertake financial and child arrangements cases. Ryan is also a qualified Civil and Commercial Mediator.

Since becoming a Mediator, Ryan has undertaken over 700 mediation cases with a 90% success rate across multiple sectors.

One of Ryan’s many skills is improving communications for his clients. This could be when there is a dispute because a family is going through a separation or divorce and support is needed to separate assets and finances and or make child arrangements; a workplace dispute where employees are clashing due to personality differences; community disputes, including boundary disputes and anti-social behaviour; or commercial for example where there is a contractual dispute between businesses and service users.

Ryan wasted no time immersing himself in the world of conflict resolution. He fused his passion for effective communication and equality by co-founding the Disability Mediation Standards Committee and developing the Disability Mediation Standards. The committee supported mediation practices in inclusivity and accessibility for disabled people. The committee also ensured that mediators were equipped and confident when disability was the area of dispute.

Here is a list of some of Ryan’s achievements:

1. He wrote the national reasonable adjustments policy for the Family Mediation Council.
2. In 2018, the Civil Mediation Council and the College of Mediators awarded him community mediator of the year. He went on to join the board of Directors for the College of Mediators and in October 2023 became a Co-Vice Chair.
3. Ryan was the Vice-Chair representative for the College of Mediators Compulsory Mediation Consultation with the Ministry of Justice.
4. Ryan was the Vice-chair in organising the National Mediation Awards with the Civil Mediation Council and College of Mediators 2022/2023.
5. Ryan is also the Chair of the College of Mediator’s annual conference in 2024.
6. He is the only accredited blind mediator across England and Wales.
7. Ryan owns and manages a successful mediation company.

Ryan’s qualifications:

Family Mediation Specialism Training
Civil & Commercial Mediation Training (Foundation and Specialism)
Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Mediation Specialism Training
ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring
ILM Level 4 Equality & Diversity

Ryan has also attended safeguarding level 2 and NOCN counselling skills courses.

Ryan has also volunteered for various organisations, including the Samaritans, RNIB’s Working Age Customer Panel, The Equality Human Rights Commission Reasonable Adjustments Advisory Group, and as a Director and Co-Vice Chair for The College of Mediators.

Ryan also keeps his practice ethical and to the highest standards. He has membership with the College of Mediators, The Family Mediator’s Association, and the Family Mediation Council, all of which provide standards in the relevant areas of mediation.

Image Kaylea Bergin Executive Assistant

Kaylea Bergin

Executive Assistant

Kaylea Bergin is Access Mediation Services’ Executive Assistant and works closely with the company’s director. She is responsible for project management, book keeping, admin and social media presence. Previously with nine years’ customer service experience, involving managing teams of up to seventy associates, she brings the finely-honed interpersonal and organisational skills required of these roles to her present position.

Kaylea was attracted to working with Access Mediation Services as it is an organisation which promotes and supports the core values of effective communication that she actively shares. Kaylea is closely involved with her local community and has a particular passion for ensuring the voices of young people are always heard, a key focus of our family mediation services.

Kaylea has taken a personal and professional interest in developing her understanding of the key services we provide, and is thoroughly informed on mediation, and disability, making her an invaluable member of the Access Mediation Services team.

A picture of Jan Coulton

Jan Coulton LLB (hons)

Family & Child Inclusive Mediator

Jan has been a mediator for almost 30 years, qualifying as a Solicitor in 1980 and a litigation practitioner for 10 years in family and negligence claims. In 1990 convinced that there was a better way to resolve differences and disputes she qualified as a Company & Commercial mediator and was a founder member of the Hull Dispute Resolution Centre. In the mid 90’s she became engaged in writing practice standards for the Law Society and the then Legal Aid Board/Commission. Jan is a qualified Lead Assessor for ISO Standards. In the late 90’s she qualified as a family mediator, was a founder member and director of Family Mediation in Hull and has been a key lead in many national mediation projects, including the introduction of the mediation information and assessment meeting. She has extensive experience working with the Ministry of Justice, Family Mediation Council (FMC), Access Mediation Services (FMA) and College of Mediators.

Jan is the current Chair of the College of Mediators and qualified as a Professional Practice Consultant 13 years ago providing support and guidance to mediators throughout their mediation careers. As a trainer she has delivered mediation training as an independent trainer, for the Ministry of Justice, to the Judiciary, Solicitors, Barristers, mediation practices, practice managers, for the FMA, IDR group, HR managers, CEO’s, businesses and as Anvers Mediation.

In her international practice she offers bespoke mediation on all issues including eldermediation and providing care plans for end of life. In October 2018, Jan received the Family Mediator of the Year 2018 award at the National Mediation Awards in London and has a lifetime of practice in the promotion of mediation as the appropriate dispute resolution process.

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