What is the College of Mediators?

The college of mediators is an independent regulatory membership body for all types of mediation including family, civil, disability, workplace and community just to name a few.

The college of mediators is one of 6 national family mediation organisations in the UK, with the over riding body being the Family Mediation Council.

The aim of the college is to improve the provision of mediation and to increase mediation awareness nationally.


The UK College of family mediators was set up in 1996. It was an independent regulatory body for family mediation in the UK. The family mediation council was created in 2007 and this meant that the college’s focus could become wider and not solely on family mediation. It is now known as the college of mediators. The college of mediators is further advancing practice in all different fields of mediation.

Registered mediators and training

The college has over 300 registered mediators currently who practice across many different types of mediation. Before applications for membership to the college are accepted mediators have to have completed college approved mediation training. There are currently 16 providers of foundation mediation training approved by the college.

Standards of mediation

As well as membership the college also provides a set of standards and code of practice across mediation for mediators to adopt. The college is a huge advocate of providing properly qualified ethical mediators.

Who is on the board of directors?

The college is maintained by a board of directors, who have multiple backgrounds including mediation, training, business, law, equality and diversity. They are Lesley Allport, Stephen Anderson, Jan Coulton (Chair), Ryan Compton, Julie Farrell, Jeremy Howells, Laura Kirkpatrick, Paul Turner and Lorraine Bramwell.

The College is currently co-ordinated by Laura Mackey.

The college also has a professional standards committee (PSC) which actively develops the colleges organisational functions.

The current PSC members are: Lorraine Bramwell (Chair), Jan Coulton, Denise Houslin, Ewan Malcolm, Janni Knox, Jill Redshaw, Lia Shimada, Andrew Sims, Paulette Morris and Adrian Wright.

To find out more information about mediation please visit our mediation page. For more information about the College of Mediators please visit their website.

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