MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting up to 60 minutes) : £120.00 per person Monday-Friday.

Mediation Session : £120.00 per person per hour. (We are a part of the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme which can provide up to £500.00 towards your mediation sessions. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible).

Final agreements:

  1. Parenting Plan – £150.00 per person
  2. Open Statement of Financial Information – £200.00 per person (Only applicable in certain finance cases)
  3. Memorandum of Understanding – £200.00 per person

MIAM Certificate: £60.00.

If you meet our criteria you may be eligible for a reduction in cost.

You can discuss with the mediator the option of paying some or all of party 2’s mediation cost (where appropriate). This would be with the agreement of the other party.

Please note we take card payments via the telephone and online.

The prices above are subject to our terms and conditions.

Mediation Information Meeting (Duration up to 60minutes) : £120.00 per person Monday-Friday.

Joint Mediation Session : £120.00 per hour.

Memorandum of Understanding : £75.00 per person.

Please note we take card payments via the telephone, in person and online.

Mediation Information Meeting (up to 60 minutes) – £120.00 per party

Joint session (up to 180 minutes) – £900.00

These costs include Agreement to Mediate, correspondence, Memorandum of Understanding (where applicable), 1 hour reading and a progress update to the referrer. Travel is charged at 0.45p per mile. We will always try and provide a mediator as close to you as possible.

For a very complex dispute please contact us to see how we can tailor our mediation services to suit your needs.

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