What Is Family Mediation?

If you are going through a divorce or separation from your ex partner, this can be a tough time for you and for your loved ones. You might be finding it hard to agree on decisions and finding a way forward.

If you live in the Staffordshire region and you are finding it hard to move on with your life following a separation or divorce, then family mediation in Staffordshire can help yourself and your ex-partner arrive at a common understanding that best addresses everybody’s issues.

Mediation provides a safe space to have a fair, equal discussion with your ex partner about significant issues that influence everything in everyday life, including managing assets and finances, and child arrangements. Through mediation you can work things out with a trained professional.

How Our Family Mediation Service Works

Family mediation in Staffordshire can be carried out on a flexible schedule when it comes to booking calls. We even offer same day consultations and MIAMs where available.

Reach an agreement with your ex-partner in 3 simple steps through our streamlined approach:

Stage 1

Book your free consultation at a time to suit you. This quick fact find call assists our mediation experts to understand more about your needs, and helps decide if mediation is a good plan of action.

Stage 2

Next up will be your MIAM call. A MIAM call helps our Staffordshire mediation specialists to figure out what you would like to get to the bottom of, so we know how to push ahead in the joint mediation sessions with yourself and your ex partner.

Stage 3

Yourself and your ex-partner will then be invited to scheduled joint mediation sessions. In these meetings your mediator will help you to reach an agreement and provide you with a summary of what has been agreed if applicable.

Our Staffordshire family mediation also includes:

  • Key summaries of your meetings
  • A free guide into mediation, what’s involved and how it works
  • Your own accredited mediation expert to manage your case.


We Offer Same Day MIAM Appointments


Where available, we can offer same day MIAM appointments. These meetings assist you with getting a MIAM certificate quickly.

These appointments fill up quickly, so be sure to book your MIAM straight away to guarantee the time that best suits your schedule.


Why Choose Us?


There are many reasons why families in Staffordshire choose us for mediation.

Safe Environment

Through our mediation service, you can have a fair discussion in a safe space with the assistance of our dedicated mediation specialists who can help to keep discussions on topic and make sure you both have an equal say.

Guarantee A Way Forward

Separation and divorces can create uncertainty. Through family mediation, you can find common ground and agree a way forward that works for all parties.

Adaptable Arrangements

We aim to be as readily available as possible. Dependent on our schedule, we can offer free same day consultation or even a same day MIAM. Book at the earliest opportunity to guarantee you get the day/time that turns out best for you.


Ministry Of Justice Voucher Scheme


Through the Ministry of Justice’s voucher scheme, you may be entitled to receive up to £500.00 towards your mediation case.

The voucher scheme is live for a limited time to support people in using mediation to resolve issues concerning child arrangements.

Only family mediators who the Family Mediation Council accredits are taking part in the voucher scheme.

Ask our experts to check your eligibility.

All of our family mediators are registered with the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation can seem like a complex process but it doesn’t need to be. You can find answers to common questions we get asked about our mediation service below:


I don’t have children. Can I still use mediation?

Ex-partners who don’t have children and are in the process of separation or divorce can use our family mediation service. We also support with the division of assets and finances.


Do I need to attend mediation when I just need the MIAM Certificate?

You would need to attend a mediation information assessment meeting in order to obtain your MIAM Certificate either for your Form A or C100 application. There are only a small number of cases where individuals do not have to attend a MIAM before making an application to the court.

Once you have attended a MIAM you can decide whether you want us to provide the MIAM Certificate.

Please note that MIAMs are attended without your ex-partner and you do not need to enter into mediation with your ex-partner to gain your MIAM Certificate.


Get Started With Staffordshire Family Mediation Services From Access Mediation Services

If you are ready to start your journey with us then you can book a free consultation or if you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have about our family mediation service in Staffordshire.


Our locations

We have locations nationwide but our locations in Staffordshire are Family Mediation Stoke on Trent and Family Mediation Stafford.