Going through separation or divorce? We can help you and your former partner reach an agreement that works for both of you. Whether this involves managing childcare, money or assets such as your property.

In a mediation session, both yourself and your ex partner meet with a mediator to discuss the issues raised on both sides. Our expert mediators will then help you both to reach a conclusion and come to a written resolution.

Our mediation process minimizes conflict, reducing sticking points and focusing on the key issues that matter. 90% of our clients are able to reach an amicable resolution that everybody is comfortable with.


Our Step By Step Herefordshire Mediation Process

Step 1


Book in a free mediation consultation call

Step 2

Schedule your MIAM and Family Mediation Sessions. Usually mediation sessions last for between 1 – 4 sessions. In this instance most or all issues have been resolved.

Step 3


Our sessions help to build up to a final resolution being drawn up with clear, agreed outcomes.

Support includes:

  • A dedicated family mediator that will take you through the process
  • Information related to your specific situation (provided in your MIAM)
  • A mediation preparation guide (before joint sessions)
  • Free family mediation session summary

Benefits Of Choosing Access Mediation Services Family Mediation Service In Leominster or across Herefordshire


There are many reasons why our clients use our Herefordshire family mediation service. Here are just some of the reasons:

Quick Response

Quick Response

We know you want to move on with your life. We’re happy to provide some of the quickest responses and turnaround time in the business, so you can get started and finish up in a quarter of the time compared to other solutions.

Leading Communicators

Leading Communicators

Our mediators will help to de-escalate conflict and produce a more free-flowing and fair discussion. Minimising barriers and focusing on the issues that matter.

Clear Agreements

Clear Agreements

The best agreements are clear and easy to follow. Our write-ups are incredibly thorough, eliminating any confusion and the need to pay expensive, unnecessary legal fees down the road.

Booking A MIAM


What is a MIAM?


A Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (usually referred to as a MIAM) is an opportunity for you to explain your current situation to the family mediator, as well as what you aim to achieve from the mediation. The mediator will also provide you with information specific to your situation, the costs and how family mediation works.

A MIAM in most cases would be a legal requirement before the court would accept your application for an order. Book your MIAM today.


Family Mediation Voucher Scheme – See If You Are Eligible


We are proud to be a part of the Ministry of Justice’s voucher scheme, where you might receive up to £500.00 towards your family mediation case.

The voucher scheme is live for a limited time to support people using mediation to resolve issues concerning child arrangements.

Only family mediators whom the Family Mediation Council accredits are taking part in the voucher scheme.

If you would like to know whether you are eligible, you will need to book a MIAM appointment.


Same Day MIAM Appointments Available


We understand that some people may wish to have a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) on the same day for many reasons including urgent matters, convenience and work schedules. In most instances, we can cater for same day appointments. Book your MIAM appointment with us today.

  • We have a limited number of same day MIAM appointments, so don’t miss out and book yours now.
  • We are very flexible and offer evening and weekend MIAM appointments.
  • We are here to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

All of our family mediators are registered with the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators

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Questions our clients frequently ask about family mediation include:

What happens if my ex-partner doesn’t want to attend?


If your ex-partner is not willing to engage in mediation you have a few options that the mediator will explore with you. You may wish to pause mediation, discuss it between yourselves or go to court. Our mediators will provide you with the relevant information specific to your situation.

You can always revisit mediation at a later date.

What if I don’t want to see or speak to my ex partner?


If you feel it may be too difficult to be in the same room as the person you are coming to family mediation with, we also offer Shuttle Mediation. This is when you would both be in separate rooms and the mediator will go from one room to the other, summarising what has been said from one party to


What if me and my ex-partner don’t agree?


Mediators expect that ex-partners who go to mediation will not always agree on most issues. The mediator is there to encourage discussion between you and your ex-partner, so don’t be too concerned if you don’t agree on certain points, and try to focus on reaching a combined agreement that works for both of you.

The mediator will help you both to explore all of the options and even help you to generate ideas you may not have considered. They are trained to facilitate difficult conversations where parties don’t agree.


‘What qualifications do family mediators have?


Family Mediators will have completed foundation training and subsequently the family mediation specialism. They then go on to complete a portfolio, which then accredits them by the Family Mediation Council.

The Family Mediation Council has a database published on their website which includes all family mediators, working towards accreditation or accredited. If your family mediator is not on this list, they are not trained to provide mediation or for example sign MIAM Certificates where appropriate.


I just need a MIAM certificate, can you help?


If you are making an application to court through a C100 Form, you will require a C100 MIAM Certificate or if you are using a Form A, you will require a Form A MIAM Certificate.

You may wish to make an application to amend an existing court order or make arrangements to see your children or divide your finances and assets. An accredited Family Mediator can only sign your MIAM Certificate.

Book your MIAM today, and we can start the process for your MIAM Certificate.

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