Access Mediation Services are proud to be a part of the Ministry of Justice’s voucher scheme, where you might receive up to £500.00 towards your mediation case.

The voucher scheme is live for a limited time to support people in using mediation to resolve issues concerning child arrangements.

Only family mediators who the Family Mediation Council accredits are taking part in the voucher scheme.

If you would like to know whether you are eligible, you will need to book a MIAM.

Splitting up with your ex-partner can be extremely difficult and testing.


You may be at logger heads with your ex-partner trying to make arrangements in the best interests for your children or trying to separate your finances and assets, so both you and your ex-partner can move on with your lives.

We can provide you and your ex-partner with a safe neutral environment. Our mediators can help you to figure out what happens after separation or divorce and will explore solutions that feel fair to you both. Our Gloucester family mediators will support you during this difficult time, they are highly experienced, very caring and practical ensuring that the outcomes are realistic.

Above all else, although you and your ex-partner are no longer together, you are still and always will be parents. We believe you are the best people to decide what is right for your children’s future.

This process is suitable for unmarried or married couples, already separated or divorced couples, or you may have never been in a relationship, couples without children, stepfamilies, grandparents and teenagers.

Our family mediation service in Gloucester has many benefits when supporting ex-partners.

These include:

Communication between you and your ex-partner

Communication between you and your ex-partner

Our mediation service will support you and your ex-partner to have civil productive conversations.

Agreements that you both agree to and understand

Agreements that you both agree to and understand

We provide you with an agreement that will de-escalate any future conflict with your ex-partner around child arrangements and/or finances & assets.

Fast Response & Resolution

Fast Response & Resolution

Our mediation service is able to provide a fast turnaround on your case, so that you can start and finish in a quarter of the time of other resolution methods.

Alongside the service that you receive, we will also provide free of charge:


  • A mediation preparation guide that includes handy tips to prepare you for your first mediation session
  • Summary of discussion points between each mediation session
  • Guidance and support throughout the whole process
  • Contactable team who are on hand to answer any of your questions.


Our process is really easy to follow.

Step 1

Book in for a free consultation with a mediator

Step 2

We will discuss your situation and options available

Step 3

You will then book in your MIAM to start the process

Very efficient. Thank you very much for dealing with matters. Very much appreciated.

– Martin A.

I would highly recommend Access Mediation Services… myself and my ex-partner now have a suitable arrangement in place for my daughter thanks to mediation with Ryan!! Couldn’t be happier!

– Zena R.

We had Ryan as a mediator, he was understanding patient, professional and very easy to talk to. If you are thinking about it don’t hesitate. Couldn’t recommend enough.

– Debbie B.

We do also provide same day MIAM appointments.


They may be beneficial for you if you have a busy work schedule, you have an urgent issue for example you are not currently seeing your children, or just for pure convenience.

We only have a small amount of same day appointments available. If you wish to start making changes in your life book your MIAM now by calling us on 01452 933 595!


It is likely that you will have lots of questions for your mediator. To get you started here are some of the most frequent questions our mediators get asked.


‘‘What happens if my ex–partner breaks the agreement we made in mediation?’’

There are two options if this was to happen. One you can revisit mediation to re-negotiate the agreement. It may be that circumstances have changed and this needs to be reflected in the agreement. The second thing you can do is you can make an application to the court.

As family mediators we are huge advocates of the benefits of family mediation and this would be the quickest and cheapest way of revisiting the agreement.

Keynote – There is no way you can force your ex-partner to see your children. As much as this will be upsetting for you and the children it is not illegal and therefore there are limits as to what mediation and the courts can and can’t enforce.


‘‘Am I entitled to legal aid as I only work a very small amount of hours’’

There is a possibility that you may be eligible, however the legal aid limits are very strict. Other things are taken into account when a legal aid assessment is completed.

They include:

  • Assets
  • Property
  • Savings
  • Any money that is incoming with the exception of DLA/PIP.

In order for the mediator to be fully accurate about your legal aid entitlement you need to be full and frank about the money you have incoming and outgoing.


‘‘How does mediation work in terms of the court process?’’

If making your agreement legally binding is an option you are considering, you can discuss this with your mediator. Some ex partners do decide that they want to make an application to the court after mediation. In our experience in most family mediation cases ex-partners come to agreements without the need for court.

If you do decide that you want to make an application the court can refuse it if family mediation hasn’t been considered.

If you and your ex-partner want a divorce, you will need to petition for a divorce. Family mediation does not have the authority to grant a divorce. Family mediation, however can be used no matter what stage you are at in legal proceedings.

If you feel mediation may be the process for you or you would like to find out more information, phone us on 01452 933 595.



Please note you will not be able to enter the office unless you have an appointment.

Family Mediation Centre Gloucester Address: We rent office space from Gloucestershire Rural Community Council to see our clients locally. Gloucestershire Rural Community Council’s address is 15 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LZ. If you need to contact us regarding your appointment or any other related issue, our telephone number is 01452 933 595.

When arriving at an appointment please reception aware of your arrival.

By Bus or train: We are located 15 minutes’ walk from both the Train and Bus station.

On foot: The centre is approximately 1.2 miles from Gloucester High Street. To walk from the High Street, turn left onto Ryecroft Street, then turn right onto Hopewell street. In 250 yards turn left onto Barton Street and continue onto Eastgate Street for 0.5 miles. Turn right onto College Street and walk for 60 yards. You should be at the front of the cathedral, if you head down the left side you should locate a blue door.

By Car: When using SAT NAV, please use the address 15 College Green, GL1 2LZ.

Parking: There isn’t parking on site. Please use Westgate Street Carpark which is located 4 minutes (300 yards) from the centre. Please note it is a pay and display carpark, free for blue badge holders, 4 accessible spaces. 

All of our family mediators are registered with the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators.

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Mediation can help you and your ex-partner to discuss many issues.

They might include:

In regard to children:

  • Who the children live with
  • Who has them over the school holidays
  • Child maintenance
  • Communication between parents.

In regard to finances:

  • The division of assets
  • Property and pensions
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Savings & Debt.

Here we will explore what mediation is and expand on the process.

Mediation is composed of two sections a MIAM and then Mediation Sessions.

The first meeting is a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM). You would be able to ask the mediator any questions you have about the process, how it can help your situation and also the types of things separating couples bring to mediation. It is also about you and the mediator generating trust and rapport so that you feel you can be open and honest with each other. This meeting will be for only you to attend, unless you are bringing someone for moral support.

To book your MIAM please contact us on 01452 933 595.

The second meeting is a Mediation Session. This is where you and your ex-partner come together to find common ground in order for you to move forward with the best interests for your children. You and your ex-partner can express how you feel and solutions you think may work. The mediator is there to make sure your suggestions are in the best interests for the child/children involved.

There are lots of things to talk about when people are in a dispute and there is no rush for these things to be agreed straight away. Family mediation can continue for as many weeks or months as you need it, to ensure we reach an agreement on as many issues as possible.

If you feel you can’t be in the same room as your ex for whatever reason, there is the option of shuttle mediation. Shuttle mediation is when you and your ex partner are in separate rooms and the mediator will go from one room to the next. If you would like to know more about this type of mediation, please ask the mediator when you enquire.

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