Access Mediation Services are proud to be a part of the Ministry of Justice’s voucher scheme, where you might receive up to £500.00 towards your mediation case.

The voucher scheme is live for a limited time to support people in using mediation to resolve issues concerning child arrangements.

Only family mediators who the Family Mediation Council accredits are taking part in the voucher scheme.

If you would like to know whether you are eligible, you will need to book a MIAM.


If you are unable or are struggling to communicate with your ex-partner in relation to children, child maintenance, assets and finances, it can be difficult to finalise your divorce/separation. Our specialist Cheltenham family mediators are here to support you.

Our proven and successful family mediation service will enable you to talk with your ex-partner and work out arrangements that are suitable for you both, whether that is to do with your children or assets and finances. This ultimately helps you and your ex-partner keep to the agreement in the long run.

Access Mediation Services’s clients report that over 90% of their clients reach a successful resolution through family mediation, that works for all participants involved.

Here are three of the main benefits of using our service, which will enable you and your ex-partner to discuss and agree a way forward:

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Our mediation process will enable you and your ex-partner to share thoughts and opinions in a productive conversation. This then supports you to find middle ground and create an understanding that is suitable for you both.

Reduced Uncertainty

Reduced Uncertainty

The most effective agreements are usually the ones that are clear, realistic and easy to follow. We ensure that no stone is unturned to provide you with a thorough agreement, that will keep conflict at bay.

Quick Response & resolution

Quick Response & resolution

In order to move on with your life we will provide you with a quick response and resolution. Our service can support you in a quarter of the time than other divorce and separation services.

Included in your mediation for free are:

Summaries between joint mediation sessions

Preparation Guide to help you get ready for your first joint session

An enthusiastic team of mediators and administrators, who will support you at every step of the way

Tailored information specific to your current situation, which will be provided to you in the MIAM and subsequently.

Using our service is really simple and we have made it that way to minimise the stress and anxiety that our clients are feeling when they are going through what is a difficult time in their life.

Step 1

The first step is to click the book a free consultation and schedule your appointment

Step 2

The mediator will provide you with information and guide you through the mediation process

Step 3

We will schedule your sessions at a convenient time for you and your ex-partner


Very efficient. Thank you very much for dealing with matters. Very much appreciated.

– Martin A.

I would highly recommend Access Mediation Services… myself and my ex-partner now have a suitable arrangement in place for my daughter thanks to mediation with Ryan!! Couldn’t be happier!

– Zena R.

We also provide same day MIAM appointments


(Just to note that a MIAM is an appointment that you must attend alone before coming together with your ex-partner for joint mediation sessions.)

Same day MIAM appointments can be really helpful if you need a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting quickly. We can book you in the same day you call which is great if you have a tight schedule due to work, other commitments, urgent issues you want to discuss, or just because you want to get started in the mediation process and ultimately the rest of your life.

Our same day MIAM appointments fill up quick so please call us to book your MIAM now! We do have a limited number available each day.

We are here to ensure you can access our family mediation service as and when you need to!


You are probably bursting with questions about mediation right now and how it can help you. Here are just a few of the questions we mainly get asked by our clients to give you more of an insight into our mediation process.


‘‘I don’t have children. Can I still use mediation?’’

Yes, you can attend mediation if you don’t have children. We have many clients who use mediation to sort out finances when going through divorce, to find out their options when their relationship is reaching the end or to have an open and frank discussion with their partner about their future. We are not a counselling or therapy provider, but mediation can still be very effective in these circumstances. Our mediators are here to ensure that both you and your ex-partner are listened to and heard and also to make sure that conversations between you both are equal and respected.


‘‘Do I need to attend mediation when I just need the MIAM Certificate?”

You would need to attend a mediation information assessment meeting in order to obtain your MIAM Certificate either for your Form A or C100 application. There are only a small amount of cases where individuals do not have to attend a MIAM before making an application to the court. Once you have attended a MIAM the mediator would then provide your ex-partner with the same opportunity to attend a MIAM. If they do not wish to attend a MIAM then we would send you a MIAM Certificate.


‘‘What is family mediation Cheltenham and how will it help me?’’

Family mediation is the process that ex-partners may attend before, during or after the break down of their relationship. Mediation can be used no matter where you are in legal proceedings and you don’t need to be in legal proceedings to access it.

It can also be useful for parents to discuss communication going forward and what this might look like for them. Family Mediation can also be for grandparents, teenagers and stepfamilies.

At each mediation session there would be a family mediator present who is there to ensure that both parties are able to give their thoughts and feelings about the matter being discussed. Both you and your ex-partner can’t make an agreement without it being mutual beneficial to you both, as in it has to be agreed.

We have multiple family mediation centres across the South West.

Family Mediation Centre Bristol

Family Mediation Centre Gloucester


How to find our family mediation centre in Cheltenham

Please note you will not be able to enter the office unless you have an appointment.

Cheltenham Mediation Centre Address: We rent office space from The Isbourne Centre to see clients locally. The Isbourne Centre’s address is  3 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1TH. If you need to contact us regarding your meeting appointment or any other related issue, our telephone number is 01242 896 338. You can only access Wolseley Terrace by foot and you may struggle to find us on maps.

On Foot: Access Mediation Services Mediation is approximately 0.3 miles from Cheltenham Town Centre. From the high street walk down Rodney Road, which is located between Lloyds Bank and Barclays. When you reach the traffic lights go over the lights and take the immediate right. There is a car barrier. We share the building with The Isbourne, so keep an eye out for this name when trying to find us.

By Car: If using Rodney Road Carpark (GL50 1HT) please follow the steps On Foot to complete your journey as you cannot drive to the centre.

Parking: There is no parking on site. Please use Rodney Road Carpark which is opposite Woselsey Terrace. It is a pay and display car park. We don’t have parking on site, but the Rodney Road car park is just across the road from our building. The postcode for the car park is GL50 1HT.

If you do not see a centre listed above near to you please contact us as we have mediators working across north, central and south Gloucestershire who can provide face to face mediation. We also have mediators across the UK who can also provide online mediation.

Our Mediation process is fairly straight forward


You will first attend a MIAM, a mediation information assessment meeting. In this meeting the mediator will want to hear about why you want to come to mediation.

The mediator will then write out to your ex-partner to invite them to mediation.

If your ex-partner agrees to attend, they will then attend their own MIAM.

As long as both you and your ex-partner agree, joint sessions with commence.

When you reach an agreement, the mediator will prepare your Memorandum of Understanding & Open Statement of Financial Information (for finances & assets) and Parenting Plan (for Child arrangements).

To find out more please call us on 01242 896 338