If you or your partner have decided to go your own separate ways, family mediation, which is for divorce and separation, may be more appropriate. For more information on family mediation please click here.

If you and your partner are going through a challenging time in your relationship it can be difficult to discuss the issues that you are facing and resolve them, in order to repair the damage to your relationship.

Our mediation process enables you and your partner/ex-partner to come together to effectively communication, be able to express your feelings and opinions and also find mutual ways of moving forward.

There are many benefits to engaging in our mediation process that will support your relationship.

Positive communication

Positive communication

Mediation can help to re-establish communication between you and your partner as well as listening skills, respect & conflict management skills.

Fast agreement & turnaround time

Fast agreement & turnaround time

Our mediators will enable you both to discuss issues which you are usually afraid to talk about. Ultimately this means that you will be able to explore all issues and there will be a clear guide for your agreement.

No grey areas

No grey areas

Our mediators will enable you both to discuss issues which you are usually afraid to talk about. Ultimately this means that you will be able to explore all issues and there will be a clear guide for your agreement.

We provide you with a few extra things for free to ensure the mediation process is as smooth as possible


Mediation preparation guide – to support both you and your partner/ex-partner before your first joint session

A team who will support you through the whole resolution process

A summary, between joint sessions, of points raised and discussed.


Here are our three easy steps to engage a relationship mediator

Step 1

Call us to book in your MIM on 01905 330055

Step 2

In your MIM explore the issues you feel are causing your relationship tension

Step 3

In mediation you, your partner/ex-partner and the mediator will discuss ways in which you can repair the relationship

Myself and my partner were extremely nervous before relationship mediation started. Although it wasn’t easy, I found the staff easy to talk to, patient and understanding and I am happy to say it really helped me and my partner.

– Robert C.

I was unsure what to expect but I found the process easy to follow. The mediator was calm and supported us in moving forward.

– Beth D.

We had Ryan as a mediator, he was understanding patient, professional and very easy to talk to. If you are thinking about it don’t hesitate. Couldn’t recommend enough.

– Debbie B.

We have a limited number of same day appointments


We understand that when people attend mediation it can be quite important to get the ball rolling. For this reason, we have a limited number of same day MIM (Mediation Information Meeting) appointments available.

To book a same day MIM appointment please call our main centre on 01905330055 and one of our relationship mediators will be more than happy to help you.


It can be quite daunting realising that you are about to embark on a stressful and emotional roller-coaster. So, we have put together some of our top asked questions by our clients, to help you understand and become familiar with our relationship mediation service.


‘‘How much does it cost?’’

Please visit our pricing page for the costs of relationship mediation.


‘‘How are relationship mediators trained?’’

Access Mediation Services’s relationship mediators are all family mediators who deal in divorce and separation cases. They are also trained coaches and are therefore able to combine their coaching skills such as active listening, reflecting, reframing etc, with their mediation training and experience to bring a unique support service to couples in crisis.


‘‘What is the difference between counselling and mediation?’’

Mediation, unlike counselling, does not go too far into the past, the aim is to look at the issues you and your partner are facing and find solutions for you to move past them and look to the future. Mediation also supports individuals to think about their own solutions to the dispute/conflict they are experiencing.

Counselling also takes a psychological perspective, that mediation does not. We therefore do not recommend that you replace couples counselling with relationship mediation, the two should be used side by side.


‘‘What is couples’ mediation?’’

Couples’ mediation is for couples who would like to repair their relationship and stay together or come back together if they had already separated.

Most relationships at some point face challenges, especially when there are strong emotions and beliefs, frustration or when there has been a break down in communication. If communication and common ground isn’t sourced and the trust and rapport are not repaired, the relationship may breakdown further resulting in separation/divorce.

Relationship mediation is where a mediator will facilitate the discussion between you and your partner about the issues that you feel are negatively affecting the relationship. The mediator will encourage you to open up and speak about how you feel, and they will also encourage you to listen to each other and think about potential resolutions.

Our mediators are compassionate and provide a caring, non-judgmental, private and safe environment for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. Mediators are unable to provide any type of legal advice.


Our relationship mediators can support you with a wide range of issues



  • Finances and how money is spent
  • Contribution – can be financial or other
  • Job Loss
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inheritance
  • Problems with children
  • Issues when there is a stepparent involved
  • Communication
  • Moods and emotions
  • Intimacy and affection
  • Adultery

This list is not exhaustive, there is not a limit as to the topics that can be raised in mediation. It is merely about the topics in which you want to discuss.

In simple terms…how our relationship mediation process works


First you will attend a MIM (mediation information meeting) on your own. In this meeting you will explore the issues you feel you need to attend mediation for. The mediator will also explore the mediation process with you and how it may support you and your partner. Your partner will also attend this meeting on their own. After this you will both attend a mediation session. In the session/s you will both set an agenda of items you wish to explore. Then it is a case of working through each agenda point so you and your partner can discuss each point and reach an agreement where possible.

At the end of the process you can have a written agreement, which explores all of the agreements you and your partner have made. This is a really useful document that you and your partner can refer to, in order to keep your relationship on track.

Most couples who attend our relationship mediation service usually have between 1-5 sessions. The mediator is unable to quote exactly how many sessions it will take, as this is dependent on the issues raised and the amount of issues you are wanting to discuss.

Our relationship mediators are trained and experienced, which ensures respect is maintained throughout mediation, that you both get equal time to speak and also to ensure that you are both listening to each other.

Mediation is a way to address underlying issues and emotions in a positive, non-judgemental environment


Access Mediation Services has multiple relationship mediation centres across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We also provide Relationship Mediation online and via conference call.


To speak to one of our mediators or to find your local relationship mediation service, please call us on 01905 330055 or schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.